The Parents Orientation was held at the NKP Playroom on June 9, 2017. Parents of the preschoolers were gathered to attend the event. The event is conducted annually with the aim of informing and discussing with the parents the different academic programs, department’s guidelines, policies and services offered by the school. Present at the event were the members of the administration staff and the Preschool faculty. The event would not be successful without the strong support from Ms. Villa A. Inguillo, head of administration and finance.

The program was opened by a meaningful opening remarks given by Mr. Jason A. Iyas. It was then carried on by Miss Phides Fay Cuntapay, department head, who discussed the department’s policies, guidelines and programs. Parents were given a chance to voice out their questions and suggestions for the success of the school year 2017-2018. The program was adjourned by Ms. Florida Bacquel, Asst. Principal and SHS department head, in her humble message of gratitude to all the parents who supported not only the school but their children in building a firm foundation of education that will last a generation.

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