Welcome back!

I am delighted to welcome you for the SY 2021-2022. It has been a lengthy and intense break since the start of the pandemic.  Now that we are back to school, we greet you to a new yet challenging year ahead of us. Our online learning experience last year, at the very start of the restriction, has proven that we do not yield so easily to any outbreak. This is how we, PISQians, are molded; we persevere and we thrive!

This pandemic should not be a sufficient reason to ultimately stop us from opening the school year and provide wonderful learning experiences to you, our dear learners, by all means necessary. Our teachers prepared new and better ways for you to experience learning in this time of crisis. You can be assured that this year will be as challenging yet exciting, demanding yet interesting, exhausting yet inspiring as last year.

To our stakeholders, PISQ will remain to its vision and mission and will continuously embrace the school’s philosophy. We are ready to provide quality, meaningful, and relevant education to our learners, may it be through online distant learning, in-person instruction, or blended learning modalities. With your cooperation and support, we can hurdle any obstacle and will not submit to anything that will hamper our learners’ growth and development.

Thank you.

Jason A. Iyas

School Principal

Jason a. iyas

School Principal