junior hs DEPARTMENT


Greetings and welcome to the JHS department of PISQ! I am delighted that you are able to have a glimpse of our website to learn more about our students, staff, and programs we offer. As PISQ envisioned itself to be the center of educational excellence, we will continue to strive to become the best.

As you explore our website, you will discover that JHS community is dedicated to providing our students with well-rounded learning experiences anchoring on the whole-child approach to education. We are committed to deliver innovative lessons to our learners incorporating technology as well as character formation for them to acquire the needed 21st century skills.

PISQ JHS department is a vibrant team of brilliant teachers and learners.  To our parents, we believe that your involvement is an integral component to the learning journey of your child. The role you play in the success of our school is also invaluable hence your participation is needed and greatly appreciated!


Junior High School Department Head


The Junior High School Department will provide its learners basic quality education that will lay the foundation for their life-long education and become proud contributors to the improvement of the community with the help of physically fit, mentally-sound, educationally-equipped, and God-loving educators and administrators, who are entrusted by responsible and equally God-fearing parents.


The Junior High School learners will be able to:

  • acquire the necessary knowledge and skills they need to augment their innate potentials;
  • deduce a realistic basis for the choice of a career;
  • develop the scientific knowledge learned and understood by applying them in solving      problems;
  • understand and express themselves in English especially in this globally competitive society; 
  • learn the basic skills in the use of information technology as we are now living in the world of gadgets and technologies; 
  • acquire and develop habits of discipline, study, individual work and teamwork as conditions for effective life learning; 
  • acquire attitudes that avoid violence in school, family, and other social environment; 
  • value and respect the differences of our civilizations, rejecting discrimination; and 
  • instill in their hearts and minds that the love for oneself is the love for fellow beings – and that is a realistic expression for the love of God.


Grade 7

Grade 7 Teachers

Czyrel Ann D. Badilla
Cristilina N. Villaros
Jherome P. De guzman
Katherine Joy O. Paderes
Ma. Christina M. Sergio
Maria Jessica G. Dominguez
Regina R. Carlos
Sarah Patricia D. Cusi

Grade 8

Grade 8 Teachers

Brendalou O. Abrenica
Clarencio R. Bascuguin
Coleen Irish B. Puno
Daniel A. Paduit
Jazmine Mae D. Piedra
Lovely Buena A. San Pedro
Melbert C.Ayson
Venus C. Busalpa

Grade 9

Grade 9 Teachers

Khally R. Patalud
Lanilyn T. Patac
Mauren Jane R. Catalla
Norman M. Millar
Rosalyn B. Peña
Sixto P. Paga Jr.

Grade 10

Grade 10 Teachers

Alliana G. Serrano
Aiza M. Gonzales
Arsenio S. Lacson Jr.
Geraldine A. Managuey
Joemel Roy P. Torres
Kimalin B. Satud
Vilma F. Suico