Welcome to the Senior High School Department of Philippine International School-Qatar, where innovation and creativity merges harmoniously.

As the senior leg of PISQ that offers education to Grades 11 and 12 of Philippine’s K-12 curriculum, the department has dedicated itself to nurture and develop the learners holistically.  The department offers two strands of the academic track for Senior High School: Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

The SHS department offers a variation of courses designed to equip 21 st century learners with knowledge and skills needed in the future college, work, and business environments. It also provides an array of academic needs assistance programs and an extensive portfolio of learners’ success inside and outside the campus. The SHS team not only develops its learners academically, but also dedicates itself to foster an environment of positive values. 

Be one with us. Soar high, Senior High!


Senior HS Department Head


To cultivate culture of excellence and  build an exemplary holistic education in a safe and nurturing environment by providing a wide array of relevant and quality learning experiences both in and beyond the classroom to produce knowledgeable,skilled, responsible, nationalistic and globally competitive 21st century citizens.


In order to achieve the expected competencies of the senior high school program, the PISQ Senior High School aims to:

    • develop creativity, critical thinking, and scientific inquiry skills to increase students’ interest in preparing them in pursuing studies and careers in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, humanities, social sciences and other related fields;provide a wide variety and high-quality standard of teaching through holistic learning experiences;
    • provide a wide variety and high-quality standard of teaching through holistic learning experiences;
    • develop discipline and responsibility through various school activities and programs for both academic and co-curricular activities;
    • systematically apply knowledge, understand theory through research and maximize skills for the development of the self through engaging in local and global communities;
    • provide students with opportunities to prepare them in becoming effective innovators in the delivery of excellent education; and
    • foster positive human values for life-long learning to achieve a better quality of life.


Grade 11

Grade 11 Teachers

Aikko R. Pelayo
Christine Joy L. Corvera
Elias B. Taragua
Judy Ann S. De Sagun
Kevin E. Mallari

Grade 12

Grade 12 Teachers

Brayn B. Biazon
Jocelyn G. Fajardo
Judileine E. Dabin
Mike Edison B. Pioquinto