Welcome to the Preschool Department.  A place where a child’s years lay the foundation for all that is to come, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities.  Well-established researchers have learned that the human brain develops the vast majority of its neurons, and is at its most receptive to learning, between birth and three years of age.  In fact, the intake of new information is critical to the formation of active neural pathways (Shonkoff & Phillips, 2000).

Our department is committed in ensuring that our young learners are provided with the gateway of lifelong love of learning, and the development of early academic learning through regular interactions. This leads to natural experiences that purposefully and smartly prepare our young learners for their future years of classwork and elementary education.


Preschool Department Head


The mission of PISQ Preschool Department is to promote a proactive environment that provides a variety of learning experiences to develop a child to be collaborative, knowledgeable, and self-assured in an age driven by rapidly changing and expanding technologies.


Throughout the  Preschool stage, our educational objectives center on the child and the educational process. Strong emphasis is placed on   the children’s individual personality, providing for their physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs, allowing them to fulfill their potential, develop their inner creativity and widen their fields of interest.


With regard to children’s developmental needs, the objectives for the physical, cognitive and language, affective and social, and aesthetic development of children are described below:


  1. To improve the coordination of the over-all physical condition and acquiring the skills necessary for writing.
  2. To equip the young learners with basic life skills needed in coping with everyday living.
  3. To develop communication, comprehension, reasoning, critical thinking and logical skills.
  4. To stimulate the creativity of the learners’ young minds.


Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 Teachers

Maureen S. Antigra

Thara Gracia M. Carbon

Geraldine B. Cornelio

Joy Anne M. Cuntapay

Aileen M. Lozada


Kindergarten 2

Kindergarten 2 Teachers

Joan G. Soriano

Maria Carmela Seline C. Cacas

Unica Anna D. Davila

Edna R. Mendoza

Nicolle Ann Louise F. Rodas

Assistant Teachers

Assistant Teachers

Jonna C. Lerit

Ma. Lourdes A. Guevarra