A warm greetings to everyone!

I am delighted to welcome you all to Philippine International School-Qatar for the school year 2020–2021.

The Primary Department offers basic quality education to both Filipino and non–Filipino learners. It is designed to provide learners with rudimentary skills in reading, writing, and numeracy. At an early age, we develop good values and essential skills to nurture the child in all dimensions of her/his life – spiritual, moral, physical, social, academic, and emotional, as wells as love and care to oneself and others regardless of culture and race.  We encouraged them to actively engage in the learning process for them to be able to realize their potentials and to prepare them to be academically-ready to adapt to the rapid changes in the society.

I hope and pray that with the help of dedicated teachers and supportive parents, and with the collaboration of the school administration and PTA officials, we will have a productive school year ahead.


Primary Department Head


To mission of the Primary Department is to develop good values and essential skills among the pupils in order to become productive for the changing society.


The Primary Department aims to:

  1. develop critical thinking skills through comprehensive reading practices,
  2. develop reading, writing, and numeracy as a strong foundation of basic skills for real-life application,
  3. develop respect, love, and care to oneself and to others regardless of culture,
  4. develop individual talents through various clubs,
  5. provide a secure and welcoming atmosphere for all individuals within the school year,
  6. enhance the values, habits, and knowledge learned during the early years in education,
  7. develop in each pupil a positive attitude towards creativity, allowing them to actively engage in the learning process,
  8. encourage the parents to participate and get involved in raising awareness and support to the development of the pupils; and
  9. increase pride and motivation of teachers for their professional growth to meet the demands in their profession. 


Grade 1

Grade 1 Teachers

Aline Marie B. Garado
Carlalyn B. Soriano
Lurie Mae M. Orag
Marjorie T. Brandis
Mary Grace M. Bergonia

Grade 2

Grade 2 Teachers

Cynthia May R. Custodio
Jeah A. Lasola
Mary Graziella E. Budiongan
Ranara C. Nimfa
Ronalen D. Almoite
Wenna Mae G. Alo

Grade 3

Grade 3 Teachers

Elda C. Aningalan
Ms. Reyshelle Mae D. Gentugao

Janine D. Gonzales

Jenelisa E. Encarnacion
Lady Kim M. Jacobo

Ronilyn Gaybelle G. Masellones
Reymark C. Teleb
Zazmin E. Tarayo