Family Day 2023

The Qatar Sports Center was filled with excitement and camaraderie as the Parent-Teacher Association Board of Directors held a memorable Family Day and Championship Games last May 12. The event gathered parents, teachers, and students for a day filled with sports, games, and bonding.

The event kicked off with the court games – a basketball match between the groups in the junior division, and the group in the advance division. This was followed by the volleyball matches between Pink and Green and, Blue and Light Blue. The PFASA Basketball Championship game between ThuSat and Barwako Paps was also held at the later part of the day. 

The spirit of sportsmanship was truly felt as parents and teachers cheered for the players, and students played with determination to win. 

Aside from the competitive sports, the event also catered to all age groups with an array of games. The younger kids participated in various parlor games, while the adults and teenagers took part in friendly relay races. 

The PTA-BOD also did raffle draws throughout the day, adding an extra element of excitement for the attendees. Lucky winners brought home various prizes, ranging from gift certificates, home appliances to free flights to Philippine destinations, generously funded by supportive parents and generous sponsors.

At the end of all the sporting events, it was time to award the champions of the various sports. Medals and trophies were awarded to the victorious teams and outstanding individual performers, recognizing their performance in the games. It was a moment of pride for parents and the rest of the attendees to witness their students’ feats. 

It was indeed a day filled with celebration of family, friendship, and sportsmanship.

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