Graduation 2023

K-12 Graduates Molded through a Resilient Educational Foundation. Graduation ceremonies are one of the momentous events in a school year. It symbolizes a triumphant conclusion of efforts, hard work, and development. It is a celebration of accomplishments, a kick start to a new chapter, and a rite of passage into the next phase of life. 

This year’s graduation ceremonies were held last June 19, 2023 at Qatar National Convention Center. The ceremonies were attended by the excited movers/ completers/ graduates, their proud parents and guests, revered faculty and staff, and esteemed keynote speakers: Hon. Cassandra Sawadjaan for the Moving Up Ceremony, Dr. Dennis Prince Y. Germano for the 23rd Commencement Exercises, Sr. Felicitas V. Bernardo, SPC for the 8th Completion Ceremonies, and H.E. Lillibeth V. Pono for the 6th Commencement Exercises. 

One of the highlights of the event was the presence  of H.E. Lillibeth V. Pono and her message to the Grade 12 graduates emphasizing on “develop transformative lifelong opportunities using transformative tools that address necessary competencies and character traits needed to grow and flourish in a complex and dynamic world.


The school also asked a few graduation attendees what they think is the highlight of their ceremony:

“The highlight of the moving-up ceremony was the brilliant and adorable movers looking so proud and happy as they walked up the stage to receive their diplomas. They also prepared a heartfelt song which touched the hearts of everyone in the auditorium.” – Ms. Nicolle, KG-2 adviser

One of the highlights of the Moving Up Ceremony for me this year is the speech by our Keynote Speaker Hon. Cassandra Sawadjaan. Anchoring on the book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, it was moderately short but very interesting and engaging especially to the Movers who were attentively listening and were keen in sharing their thoughts and answers to Ms. Sawadjaan’s simple but thought-provoking questions. – Ms. Seline, KG-2 adviser

Other highlights during the moving up ceremony was when the learners were singing the finale song. The children sung the song confidently with a rose for their parents. That’s the time when you will notice the parents even the advisers were proudly watching their children emotionally. Moving forward on their next challenges. – Ms. Joan, KG-2 adviser

Moreover, the Finale Song entitled Change and Grow also highlights the ceremony. It implies that while remembering the good times, the people we love and the lessons learned along the way, we are reminded that there’s a time for everything and now is a time to change and grow. The video shown along the finale song was really heartfelt. It emphasized the success of meaningful activities in the preschool department done throughout the school year.– Ms. Unica, KG-2 adviser

The receiving of the diploma had been a very exciting moment not only to the movers but to the parents as well. This has brought back all the memories they had during their preschool days, that finally, after all the challenges they faced, they were able to reap the fruit of their labor and is now ready to move up to the next level. – Ms. Edna, KG-2 adviser

“This year’s Graduation Ceremony has been extra special.  Last June 19, 2023, we honored our Graduating Class of 2023 with a ceremony that highlights both the triumphs and challenges of their batch as summed up in their graduation song especially written and arranged for them. 

From the impactful speeches delivered by the Keynote speaker Dr. Dennis Prince Y.  Germano and Berenice R. Basco,  the distribution of certificates and awards, up to the singing of their graduation song, this year’s graduation ceremony has been the culmination of all the time, energy, and work and gives our graduates the perfect chance to celebrate all that they have achieved..” – Ms. Aireen, Grade 6 adviser.

“The 23rd Commencement Exercise highlights the fruition of hard work, perseverance, and determination of the graduates despite the uncertainty of today’s world. It also sums up the result of the stakeholders’ passion and dedication to provide quality education and safe learning environment to our dear learners. Lastly, it inspires everyone to act, to be brave, to be confident, to be determined and to remain resilient in facing life’s challenges.” – Ms. May Anngelina, Grade 6 adviser.

“One of the highlights of the graduation ceremony is the giving of awards to the completers. They truly reaped the fruit of their labor for the whole year of dedication and perseverance. Secondly, the key note speaker’s message which enlightened and encouraged the completers to pursue their dreams and goals in life; that they will surpass whatever obstacles they may face along their endeavor. Lastly, the tribute for completers when they sang and danced their completion song. It showed the whole year’s activities in the classroom and subject day celebrations. With this, the heartfelt message was very impactful.” – Ms. Vilma, Grade 10 adviser.

“The highlight of our Graduation Ceremony last June 19 was the signing of the graduation song by the students. The song signifies the end of their journey in junior high school but it is the beginning for their new career path in their future.” – Ms. Geraldine, Grade 10 adviser

“The highlight of our graduation ceremony was undoubtedly the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, symbolized by the moment when each student’s name was called to receive their well-deserved diplomas. As one of the advisers to the Grade 12 sections, it was an honor to witness the students’ achievements and be a part of their remarkable journey.


The anticipation in the air was palpable as the graduates, adorned in their caps and gowns, eagerly awaited their turn to approach the stage. Each name called resonated with a mix of pride, relief, and excitement. It was a powerful moment that encapsulated the culmination of countless hours of studying, sacrificing, and persevering through challenges. As each student walked across the stage, the audience erupted in applause, acknowledging their accomplishments and celebrating their successful completion of this significant chapter in their lives.


While the acknowledgment of each student’s hard work and success was undeniably the highlight, there was an additional element that made the ceremony even more extraordinary. The Grade 12 students themselves had composed a tribute song, a heartfelt piece that encapsulated their collective experiences and emotions throughout their academic journey. This composition represented not only their talent and creativity but also served as a reflection of the unique bond they had developed as a graduating class.

As the students performed their original composition, a tribute video played in the background, showcasing cherished memories and milestones of their time together. This thoughtful combination of music and visuals created a truly emotional and moving experience for everyone present. The lyrics of the song resonated deeply with the graduates, their families, and the faculty, encapsulating the essence of their shared experiences, triumphs, and growth.


The highlight of the graduation ceremony, therefore, encompassed both the recognition of individual achievements through the presentation of diplomas and the collective celebration of the graduating class through their heartfelt tribute song and video. It was a powerful and unforgettable moment that brought together the joy of accomplishment and the nostalgia of shared experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of all those present.” 

– Ms. Shaira, Grade 12 Adviser

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