PIDC 2023

PISQ selected students and faculty took center stage with their mesmerizing performances in the grand celebration of the Philippine Independence Day 2023 last June 23, 2023.

The PISQ students and teachers were given the opportunity to shine in front of the esteemed guests, dignitaries, and members of the Filipino community gathered at the Sheraton Grand Doha Resort & Convention Hotel. Their participation added a touch of youthful exuberance, making the celebration more memorable. 

Willie and Willard V. Munar showcased a captivating violin and piano performance of the patriotic song, Bayan Ko. The soul-stirring melody, resonating through the program hall, reverberated with emotion and pride, capturing the essence of the commemoration of independence. 

Following the violin performance, the JHS Glee Club and INDAK members sang and danced to the song Piliin mo ang Pilipinas. The vibrant and synchronized moves, combined with their melodious voices, brought a feel of festivities and celebration. 

Besides the talented students, some PISQ faculty members also graced the event with their participations in the various contests:

Tagisan ng Sayaw ng “Fiesta Filipinas” was a celebration of our rich culture, traditions, and talents through the art of dance. Our participating teachers showcased their moves, creativity, and love for our beloved country and fellow Filipinos through their Aliwan Festival dance. 

Tagisan ng Kundiman also was opened to all Filipino amateur singers residing in Qatar. Numerous contestants gathered and showcased their vocal prowess and interpretation of the genre. Among the five finalists for Reyna ng Kundiman, Ms. Edna emerged as the 2nd Placer


The performances of these select students and teachers were not only a show of their talent, but also a reflection of their love and commitment to preserve and promote Filipino culture. Through their participation, they illuminated the diversity and artistic excellence of the Filipino Community in Qatar, adding a youthful flair to the 125th Philippine Independence Day Celebration.

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