Parents’ Orientation Program

October 13, 2023


As the academic year 2023-2024 kicks off, the Philippine International School Qatar (PISQ) orchestrated an insightful and inclusive Parents’ Orientation Program with the theme “Navigating Change: Partners in 2023-2024.” This event brought together a remarkable turnout of 952 parents, spanning from the little ones in KG1 to the ambitious scholars in Grade 12. It was a momentous occasion, as it marked a welcome return to in-person interactions, allowing parents and educators to reconnect after an extended hiatus.

The main objective of this event was to provide parents with a comprehensive overview of the school’s academic programs and the strategies in place to ensure a seamless and purposeful academic journey for their children.


A Departmental Dive

To achieve this goal, each academic department head took center stage, taking the time to discuss the programs and initiatives specific to their respective departments. This interactive session provided parents with valuable insights into the school’s curricular offerings, co-curricular activities, and how these aspects contribute to the holistic development of their children.

By fostering an open dialogue with parents, this segment allowed for a deeper understanding of the school’s educational framework and how it is designed to benefit the students. It was a moment to bridge the gap between the home and school environments, with educators and parents coming together as allies in the students’ academic journeys.


Celebrating Achievements

The program also featured a significant address by Ms. Rosalie Francisco of the Developmental Quality Assurance Office, who enthusiastically outlined the achievements and accomplishments of the school during the previous academic year (SY 2022-2023). It was a time to reflect on the successes and milestones that had been achieved, all of which contributed to the overall growth and development of the school and its students.


Principal’s Vision

The orientation reached its pinnacle with a presentation by Mr. Jason Iyas, the school principal, who articulated the plans and challenges for the current academic year. His speech provided parents with a glimpse of the school’s vision, its mission, and the strategies in place to enhance the educational experience of their children. It was an opportunity for parents to gain insight into the roadmap that the school is embarking on in the coming year.


Reconnecting and Rekindling Bonds

One of the most heartwarming aspects of this Parents’ Orientation Program was the opportunity for parents to meet teachers and school staff in person once again. After an extended period of virtual interactions, this face-to-face engagement allowed for the rekindling of bonds and the strengthening of the parent-school partnership.

Formation of Homeroom PTA

Following the program, the school celebrated another significant step in fostering a strong parent-school partnership. The Homeroom Parent-Teacher Association (HPTA) was established, with parents actively participating in the selection of their HPTA Officers and Grade PTA Council of Representatives. This noteworthy initiative reaffirms the school’s dedication to fostering open lines of communication and active parental involvement in their children’s educational journey. It’s a collaborative effort that will play a crucial role in shaping a successful academic year ahead.

In conclusion, PISQ’s Parents’ Orientation Program for the academic year 2023-2024 served as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing an inclusive and supportive educational community. The theme, “Navigating Change: Partners in 2023-2024,” underscores the collaborative spirit between parents and educators, highlighting their joint dedication to ensuring a successful and fulfilling academic journey for the students.

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